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After your free initial consultation you will know and understand more about Hypnosis and how it works than 98% of the American Public.

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We Offer Private and Group Hypnosis Sessions. Sessions are still available in person or on-line!

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I would be happy to to answer any questions you may have on Hypnosis or the programs we offer.

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Harvey is well trained and has a lot of experience. His attentive and compassionate care helped relieve my husband Wayne’s chronic pain.We highly recommend him!
Would recommend his services for anyone looking for help with any issues you are going through.
Harvey has helped me through handling a new nutritional challenge. I have to absolutely stick to a specific diet for a new diagnosis. Couldnt have done this without his professional assistance.
I went to Hypnosis Center to be treated so I would not drink coffee, sugar and to watch my weight. I have never done this. I will say this it really works and also Harvey answered all my questions and knows what he is doing especially with over 50 years experience. I highly recommend Harvey.
I’ve been working with Harvey for couple months and it has been a transformative experience. I wanted non-pharmaceutical therapy to reduce pain I was having from my chronic RA condition. I found that solution with Harvey. After just few sessions, I started to feel better, my pain medication intake was reduced significantly. I could not be more pleased with the results.
Best hypnotherapy in Boca Raton. I Truly recommend it! Harvey really helped with my personal growth. I will always be grateful for his help and advice.
I highly recommend Harvey Francis. I originally contacted him because I wanted to try hypnotherapy to help with some childhood emotional trauma and to avoid repeating unproductive patterns. He helped in this regard of course but the sessions started morphing into "life and career coaching" using hypnotherapy (along with Dale Carnegie and Ben Franklin principles, and other books and methods) as but one tool in the toolbox. I'd improved my life considerably by working with Harvey and the only reason I stopped was because I moved cross-country; however, we still do remote (Skype) sessions every so often - he's very accommodating.
We've been a better couple since my fiance started hypnosis with Harvey! He's become less irritable and more loving! I highly recommend!!! 5 stars!!!!
I left Harvey feeling more relaxed and calm than I have ever felt. Go to him with an open mind and an open heart- He is worth your time! Hidden Gem! Harvey is extremely professional and wants to help you help yourself through hypnosis. I went to try a session with him yesterday for my birthday, I have a lot of frustrations and thought it would be a cool experience to try thinking best case scenario he would actually help me worst case just a cool bday experience. I did find help with Harvey even in the first session! He was able to hypnotize me and I truly watched my anger, frustrations flow out of my body as a black gross liquid... Coming home to my wife afterwards, I didn't get bothered by her quirks that seemed to bother me so much even that morning before my session. I truly feel calmer and less frustrated. I booked another session with Harvey and I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to improve themselves- like weight loss, quitting smoking, becoming a better person - If you are into like UFOs or nonsense like that he's not the man for you; he is a professional. His office is cozy - surprisingly gets the job done.

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