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Hypnosis and Social Media Addiction

Are you or someone you know dealing with social media addiction?  A social media addict is best described as someone who has a compulsion to continuously be on the internet using networks like Facebook and Twitter to excess.  Research has shown that excessive use of social sites may become a harmful habit which can interfere with marriages, family relationships, work, or school, in a big way.  A study conducted at the University of Chicago, revealed that those deprived of their social media access, suffered cravings almost as severe as those withdrawing from alcohol or cigarettes.  People with the worst symptoms were considered to have a social media addiction.  Hypnosis is an ideal tool for breaking addictive patterns.
There are signs of social media addiction that you can identify in yourself or others.  
Here is a list of symptoms which can help you to decide whether or not you are a compulsive user of social media networks.  ·      
  • You log onto social media sites first thing in the morning and log off last thing at night.
  • You spend a great deal of time planning how to use Facebook, and are constantly preoccupied by an immediate need to share or comment.
  • Those who suffer from an addiction are poor judges regarding what is, or is not, appropriate to post on social media sites. This can lead to problems with other users.
  • Do you often find that you cannot do anything, even going to a coffee shop, or perhaps being in a specific place, without getting the urge to share it online?
  • You sometimes use social media as a means to temporarily escape from your problems.
  • When your out with friends you log into social media every now and then just to check updates, even though you realise that it is annoying your companions. 
  • Should you be in an area where there is no network, you begin to feel anxious and depressed when you cannot access the internet.
  • Excessive use of Facebook and other such sites has a negative impact on your face to face relationships, and you start to feel more comfortable socialising online instead of in the real world.
  • Finding that you are highly anxious or nervous due to comparing self to others and not measuring up.  ·  
  • A deep fear of missing out and not being accepted or a fear of being rejected by peers, friends and family  If you can relate to any of these symptoms, then the chances are you may be addicted to social media and internet use. 
Treatment for social media addiction:
Numerous studies have shown that this addiction is often of an emotional nature. Before any sort of recovery can take place, the sufferer must first acknowledge that there actually is a problem. Being in denial will definitely will absolutely not help to initiate any process of recovery.  The next step is to make, and stick to a schedule for checking social media posts and updates. Your digital use must be restricted, just the same as if you on a food restricted diet.   
If you are serious about recovering from social media addiction, try and find other means of communicating with friends and family, like a telephone call, a home-visit, or meeting for coffee.  
These are simple steps you can take to get the process going.     
How hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, can help.  The US Centre for Internet Addiction and Recovery has recommended that the best and surest way to handle addiction is through hypnosis. They agree that many addictions, including internet and social media addiction, are often rooted in emotional issues.  Research has proved that any addiction or emotional problems can be resolved with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can help you get relief from stress and anxiety relating to your addiction.  Your overwhelming compulsion to always be on social media networks may be preventing you from living and enjoying your life to the fullest.    Take action – you deserve to live well – because you can!       
Social media addiction can increase feelings of loneliness and depression. If the use of social media is eating into your normal socialising time you can start feeling ‘lonely in a crowd. Social media should be a way to enhance your social life, not replace it.  Do you have screen addiction? Addiction to social media and the internet is a growing problem in modern life. Overcome the compulsion to endlessly check your mobile or device looking at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, snapchat or any of the other social networking accounts. Are you addicted to posting comments, images, photographs, or to trawling through other people’s social media accounts? 
Do you spend hours and hours trying to build up your followers, trying to get more likes, or looking at other people’s lives and playing the game of ‘compare and despair?
Social media is designed to be seriously addictive. Researchers found that ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’ can provide an addictive dopamine rush which leads to addiction.  Just look around when you are commuting, for example: a sheer number of people around you are scanning their Facebook feed, talking to friends on Whatsapp or scrolling through Instagram. No one really knows how many people have social media addiction of the 30 million British social media users.In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017. Social network penetration worldwide is ever-increasing. In 2017, 71 percent of internet users were social network users and these figures are expected to grow.
Only you can tell if you are compulsively addicted to social media. If you are starting to have personal or mental issues based on your social media use. 
We are now treating more people every month who are becoming depressed and addicted to social networking.  If you would like to schedule a free consultation please contact us below.
Hypnotherapy for social media addiction in Boca Raton is available. 
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